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Refilling with E-Liquid

You may be looking into purchasing a re-fillable PV and wondering about the e-liquid; how much a bottle may last you and how many drops it takes to fill a cartomizer or atomizer. Well, you’ve come to the right place to find the answers you are looking for.


The pre-filled Cig2o and Vapage brand cartomizers that are used on the e-cigs are filled with 1ml of e-liquid. 1ml is equal to roughly 100-200 puffs or about 1 pack of traditional cigarettes. The pre-filled cartomizers are not designed to be re-filled. The reason is due to the fact the atomizer inside will wear down, making the overall experience less than consistent. We understand that some customers want to be able to re-fill the cartomizers, which is why the Vapage brand was designed with an easily removable silicon tip. While some customers do re-fill the cartomizers, we do not recommend doing so.

A completely empty cartomizer, one that has never had e-liquid in it would be filled with between 25-30 drops of e-liquid. If you are going to be re-filling the pre-filled cartomizers once they run out of e-liquid, we recommend dripping 4-6 drops at a time in a cartomizer until the performance drops off.

Vapage.com sells PV systems that are designed for e-liquid. The Titan, VPro T, VMOD and VMOD XL.


When filling the Titan system, you will want to first be sure to detach the battery from the cartomizer. Use between 15-20 drops to prime the cartomizer so the poly-fill is moistened. 50 drops total or so of e-liquid will be sufficient to fill the Titan cartomizer.

The VPro T system uses a tank, which is 1.2ml. If completely empty, it will take between 30-45 drops of e-liquid.

vapage premium

The VMOD has a 4.5ml bottle and uses atomizers or cartomizers. It is always a good idea to prime a carto or atty before use!

The VMOD XL has a 9ml bottle and also uses atomizers or cartomizers. Again, it is always a good idea to prime a carto or atty before use!


Vapage.com sells e-liquid in 2 different sizes: 15ml for $12.99 and 30ml for $18.99
On average, the 15ml bottle will last around 1 week.

Please note that your usage may vary based on your personal vaping habits!